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Here are a few testimonials from families and staff.


Inbe House is not only well equipped but also it attracts great teachers from all over the world. The teachers here encourage us to have an open mind to learn, and help us cultivate the ability to embrace diversity. Inbe House is like a big family. I really love the open, tolerant, and multicultural atmosphere here.


Sophie, Assistant and Translator



I like this English school very much, it makes me learn English very fast, and the class is very interesting. There will be no boring reading.


Super likes this English school, it lets me study English quickly, and during class time super fun. There is no dullness in reading.


Freeman, Adult Student


I like the family environment in Inbe house. It’s a home for everyone, young learners until adults. You learn English from teachers all over the world, connected by English.

Cici, Preschool Teacher 


Finding a work environment where you feel at home is not easy, especially when your home is far away, but Inbe House makes it possible! You will be surrounded by skilled and motivated colleagues who create a warm, secure, and trusting atmosphere!

Lorin, Preschool Teacher


I like this school very much. It feels more like a family home, where the teachers are friendly and teach good.

Summer 12 


Mo is funny. I like puppets

Linda 7 


We like Gerry (Papa C). He tells great stories and is fun to be in class with. He is like a grandfather teacher. 

Lola and Angel both 10







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