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Inbe House Education Centre offers part time and full time programs, available for all age groups.


Our centre opens at 8:00 a.m. and closes after the last class, which begins at 7:00 p.m.

Inbe House Education Centre uses The Canadian Language Benmark Levels 1-10

for Student Evaluation and Promotion.


Young Learners Program

All About Me; All About Family; All About Community; The Alphabet;  Vowels; and Common Letters; Uppercase Letters; 

Lowercase Letters; Number recognition 1-20+; Primary Colors; Patterns and Shapes; Tracing; Matching; adding 1-10; 

Subtracting 1- 10; Color-Trace-Connect; Same / Different; Directional. Please go to this YLs link for more details.


After School Program

Chinese children are very busy and have a great deal of homework to do. Students come to Inbe House for both Chinese and English help. We work directly with the public school system and help the students with the main English level textbook that they use in school. The biggest advantage is that the students get a natural English speaking teacher every day of the school week.

The Weekend Program

This program is designed for young learners right up to the adult level. We use English With Laughter and Genki Curriculum to enhance a fullness of English in listening, speaking, reading and writing. We also enhance learning with music, dance, drama, and art.


The Adult Program

This is a beginner program for adults who are new to English. It is a fun relaxing class, where people from education, business, the corporate sector etc., can learn English in a friendly encouraging environment. Most adults want to learn for travel, or to learn so they can talk to their children. The class is topic based and is directed by the students themselves. 



Because Inbe House is a new education centre, we do not qualify as a test centre for IELTS. We must be in operation for three years before we can apply. However, we do quality to be an IELTS ppreatory center. We are the first of its kind in Jianyang. No longer to students have to travel into Chengdu to take IELTS classes there. Students will save countless travel hours by taking IELTS in their own home city!


Chinese English Teacher Workshop

It is well known that Chinese English teachers are proficient in the schematics of teaching English. However, speaking English has usually been a more challenging aspect of the English language. We hold speaking workshops (free of charge) for public and private Chinese English teachers. All they have to do is show a letter of approval from their principal of their home school to qualify.


Summer and Winter Camps

Inbe House has ran previous summer camps in North America before, and will do so again. The plans are in the discussion stage to partner with a boarding school so that Chinese and foreign youth can mingle together in a sports and culture style camp. The target group are families who enjoy soccer and basketball; combined with cultural activities incorporating music, dance, art, singing, and drama. This becomes a mixture of two cultures which then turns into a third culture experience. We like to call it ChiCan or CanChi (Cina/Canada or Canada/China). Come join us! You should be here! Vist here again in September for full programing details. We think the summer of 2020 will be a smash hit!


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