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TEL: 86 - 028 - 27291818  / 17702811699


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 The new airport will be the hub of travel; getting everywhere in Europe, the Middle east, every Asian country, and with direct flights to North America. “You should be here!” “We are waiting for you!”

The sports facilities in Chengdu/Jianyang are world class. Chengdu will host the 2019 World Police and Firemen Sport Competition in July and August.  Jianyang was the home of the 2019 National Dragon Boat Festival, with competition coming from all over China and abroad. “You should be here!” “We are waiting for you!”

The food is exotic, with local hotpot and mutton soup as a mainstay!  One can also get western food.  And! More western style restaurants and bars will open once the airport is up and running.  There is so much to see and do!

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You Should Be Here!


Jianyang Seasonal Temperature

Jianyang has a pleasing temperature. The winter is chilly but mild, with little to no snow. The spring and Autumn are gorgeous. The summer is hot, but quite bearable. Jianyang City also has a distinct advantage of Chengdu proper; the air quality is considerable better. In Chengdu, too many days are hazy and smoggy. Most nights in Jianyang, one can see the stars. It is tranquil and serene in Jianyang City. Really, you should be here! Cheers!    

Come On!

You Should Be Here!

Jianyang is a city of 1.5 million people but is actually a district of Chengdu. It is a quality city, which has retained its country style ambience.

But that is about to change. The new airport will transform Jianyang into an economic and tourist magnet.  Chengdu Tianfu International Airport is located in Jianyang, only about 50 kilometers from downtown Chengdu. Also, another plus is that a new metro train will connect Chengdu and Jianyang directly together. Traveling to the airport will be easy, as well as day or night trips to the heart of Chengdu will be very convenient. Teachers will have the best of both worlds. Upscale ultramodern living, with that down-home feeling ambiance. “You should be here!” “We are waiting for you!” If you want to experience the best of modern and ancient China, Jianyang/Chengdu is the place to start. We are less than 2 hours from Chongqing and the Yangzi River. Take a day trip to the Panda Centre, enjoy the lights of Jianyang.


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