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Teacher Employment Outline 老师招聘需求



Our needs: Dedicated and energetic teachers for primary learners 6-9, upper primary learners 10-11, Middle School 13-14, and High School 15-18. These can be a combination of age levels depending on the teachers skills.


Please provide a demo lesson of 5 minutes in length, and show us your talents.



Inbe House Education Centre opened its new facility, on February 15, 2019. It is managed by western administration from Canada. Though the school is new, the administration has years of experience both in “real international practice” and in ESL training. We don’t use the word international because our students are all from the same nationality (Chinese). However, our teachers are multi-cultural, and are very in tuned to the needs our family. Yes, our students and parents are our closest family. It is not unusual to hear in our school, “We are Family, We are One!”   Currently Inbe House is the only private language training school, in Jainyang, that is fully licensed to recruit foreign teachers from aboard. Read up on Jianyang here. You are going to be impressed.

NEW, NEW, NEW: Inbe House has secrured teaching positions within Chengdu City. Check out this new opportunity here.   




We have teachers from all over the world teaching English to students’ age 3 to Adult. We believe in creating a comfortable, easy going working environment for teachers and a nurturing fun learning atmosphere for students. We welcome teachers from recognized English speaking countries (as outlined by the Chinese Foreign Affairs office) to join us and grow as an educator, and within a true worldwide family. “We are Family, We are One!”     

Full-time ESL teaching positions are available beginning now, 2020.

School Highlights:

  • Fully licensed to obtain legal Z visa

  • First year in the business, but with 20 years’ experience in administration.

  • Fully guarantee school financial backing. We are not a fly-by-night outfit! Teachers will get paid. 

  • Fully developed curriculum and on-site teacher’s training.

  • Students age 3-Adult.

  • Low class size, so there is not high pressure.

  • (personal assistant to help you in and out of class)

  • Reputable business relationships with local education department, public schools and international companies. We have a partnership cooperation agreement No. 1 Jainyang Primary School, the most prestigious in the city. We also have a deep relationship GreatChina Wanda No 7, High School and No.4 Canada Chengdu Shishi Secondary School, both in Chengdu, and both rated as the top schools in Sichuan Province. Shishi is, in fact, the oldest school in the world (2260+) years.

  • Easy to communicate working atmosphere with open minded staff.


Teacher’s Responsibilities:

  • Teach established curriculum to students

  • Maintaining regular office hours

  • Evaluating student’s progress and providing ongoing guidance for improvement

  • Participating in social activities with students organized by the school

  • Travel overseas with the school if necessary

  • Other duties as assigned by administration, but with established contract.


What We Offer:


  • 11-month contract, 11 or 22-month contract after first year.

  • 15,000 RMB – 18, 000 RMB per month for teachers without a B.Ed. Degree depending on qualifications and experience.

  • 20,000 RMB – 25,000 RMB per month with B.Ed. day-care, preschool, or primary certificate, depending on qualifications and experience.

  • One-way economy class airfare to Chengdu/Jianyang. Return one-way to home destination, or its equivalency, upon successful completion.

  • Upon arrival, airport pickup, assistance to obtain Legal Z visa, medical check, and police registration, all paid for by the school.

  • 200 RMB Teacher’s Day bonus.

  • 200 RMB Christmas Day bonus (Or equivalent if you celebrate a different holiday.

  • 30 RMB per month local bus transportation.

  • Free lunch or dinner depending on the timetable shift.

  • 4000 RMB successful completion bonus

  • 2000 RMB additional bonus if working for 2 years consecutively.

  • If returning for a third consecutive year, the teacher will be granted an additional economy class ticket, so that one parent, child, friend, or significant other, etc, can visit in China. (Only valid in China)

  • Furnished individual apartment near the school, with Jianyang, or if working in Chengdu.

  • Inbe House has an apartment for new teachers to stay in, while looking for a personal apartment up to 1500 RMB. Reasonable for Jianyang.

  • Two days off per week. These days will be selected according to the needs of the schedule.

  • Combined teaching and preparation time that will equal 40 hours of work.

  • Opportunity to work overtime to make more money.

  • 14 days paid vacation, plus 12 days paid national holidays.

  • Mandatory (every day) free Chinese classes, contained within office hours.

  • Standard free medical insurance. It is advised the solicit extra personal insurance for your own peace of mind.


Request a full stipulation contract overview for full details.


To Apply You Need:

  • A passionate interest in teaching and professional development. This is not merely a job; it is in the blood.

  • Open-minded, patient, with an adventurous spirit and professional flexibility.

  • Two years of related experience and a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university.

  • Native English speaker with a clear, clean accent. 

  • Must be approved by the Foreign Affairs Office in Chengdu.

  • Preferably TEFL, CELTA, or TESOL certification. You will be required to obtain one of these within the first 6 months of working. If you are successful in passing with honours or distinction, the school will pay for this certification, providing you return to the school for a second year.


What We Need If You Are Successful: 

  • Teachers already in China, please contact us directly for visa transfer procedures.

  • Teachers from abroad:

    • Reference letter/s of at least two years of experience.

    • Highest academic degree which must be attested by the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in your home country.

    • Proof of TEFL or TESOL Certificate 180+ or proof that you are in process of obtaining this or a similar certificate 

    • Proof of non-criminal record certificate form home country, which must be arrested by the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in your home country.

    • a Medical certificate from your doctor, clinc, hospital, in your own country. Please use the attached form.

    • Colour passport style photos with a white background.

    • A copy of your passport page

    • 8 color passport type head and shoulders photos, with a white background.

    • Visa requirements frequently change, so we will guide you through each step.


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