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Assistant / Translator


Our centre is dedicated to working with children, youth, teens, and adults to best meet their langauge and cultural aspirations.  

我们的中心致力于与儿童、青年、青少年和成人合作, 来最大限度地满足他们的语言和文化需求。

We are fully licensed and can provide legal work visas for those teachers who qualify.

我们是完全获得许可的,有营业执照, 可以为符合条件的教师提供合法的工作签证。

Our facility was newly constructed in 2019


  • Our departments accommodate

    • ages 4-6; 7-9; 10-12; 13-17; and adults.

    • 我们的学校接收4-6岁,7-9岁,10-12岁,13-17岁以及成年的学生。

  • Our Curriculum is:我们的课程是

    • Self express at the younger age  低年段的自我表达

    • Learning English with Laughter    快乐学英语 

    • Genkie English   Genki 英语

    • IELTS Curriculum   雅思课程

    • and a variety of English Resource Materials 大量的英语资源

The idea behind Inbe House started long before Gerry Chambers came to China. He was well aware that people from around the world wanted to learn English, but few westerners had a desire to learn Mandarin (the biggest language group in the world). Chambers, a former international school principal in British, American, and Canadian schools, had the "know how" to start and develop new programs, but did not have the right relationships with local people to journey through governmental red tape to establish a new learning centre.


That would change in 2015, when Gerry met Xin Xiu Ying (Swing). They danced, courted, and fell in love; eventually getting married. Travis, Swing's son had a good working relationship with a man (let's call him Angus) who had a stone cold empty building complex that needed a family. After many meetings a partnership was struck. Inbe House finally had a home where an English training school could start and grow.


Swing became the legal administrative caretaker of the school, an Gerry the Director of Education.



Front Office Receptionist 


Janitorial Cleaner


 Front Office Receptionist

Fulltime Teachers

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Paid teachers with very good benefits. Pre-school, Primary, Middle and High                   School teachers               

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            Advisor to Administration


European Field Coordinator




HR to Foriegn Teachers

Gerry (Papa C.) Chambers

Boss and Education Director


Canadian Field Coordinator 


Swing Chambers

Xu Xiu Ying

Legal Administer of Inbe House 

Our philosophy is two fold:


To provide care that focuses on all aspects of growth. We strongly believe that people learn best through:


  • Active exploration 积极探索

  • Experimentation 实验

  • Problem solving 解决问题

Inbe House Education Centre provides a loving, understanding, comfortable, safe, and nurturing environment where our families will be stimulated and encouraged to develop social, physical, emotional and intellectual. 


Two: Our primary goal is to focus on listening and speaking as the foundational skills for learning English. We do this by introducing western culture to the context in learning.



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