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Chengdu /Jianyang Home of the Pandas."YOU SHOULD BE HERE!"熊猫的家。"你应该在这里!
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The very first Inbe House Summer Culture Camp in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada (2015) 

Inbe House believes in cultural intergration through language, sports, music, dance, and drama! 




East Meets West

Sport & Culture

东西方交融 体育和文化

Vision: Inbe House Education Centre works to promote Intellectual, Physical, Social and Cultural Education through Bilingual Mentorship and Wellness: Bilingual Homestay 18+; Culture Camps; and Cross Culture Business Awareness.  

愿景: 英贝浩思教育中心致力于通过双语教学来促进智力、体育、社会和文化教育: 语寄宿家庭 18 +; 文化露营; 和跨文化商意识。


Fun & Interactive


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East Meets West

(Soccer & Culture)

东西方交融 足球和文化

       "Teaming With Students for Success!"                               "与学生合作共创成功!"

East Meets West

(Basketball & Culture)

东西方交融 篮球和文化


Mission: Our mission is to enhance language and cultural learning through speaking, listening, reading, and writing; integrating cultural interaction within China and abroad. Our goal is to create bi-cultural citizens that can think and communicate in both the Chinese and English languages.

使命: 我们的使命是通过说、听、读、写来加强语言和文化学习; 整合国内外文化互动。我们的目标是培养能够用汉语和英语思考和交流的双文化公民。

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